Studio 2 - One of the Worlds best live rooms.

This famous studio has produced some of the best Drum Sounds ever. The 99 sq. m. well equipped Control Room provides you with ideal working conditions with perfect acoustics, plenty of daylight, stunning views and silent yet powerful air conditioning. The combination of the very airy and well sounding Calrec Console (The Neve 80 series of the nineties) along with the old barn, the huge selection of Vintage mics and the 16 channel headphone monitor system makes this room ideal for tracking, although we also sometimes mix in here as well.

Studio 2 Recording Areas.

Studio 2 have are surrounded by four live rooms, a total of 260 sq. m.

The huge 112 sq. m. barn has a 6m height to the ceiling and have a unique combination of wood, stone and glass needed to record some of the best natural drum sounds. It can be damped down using the heavy curtains if you prefer this.

Also you will find an all wood & glass 90 sq. m. Piano Room, a stone tiled hallway and a voice over room.