At Puk Recording Studios - Denmark we know the importance of having an efficient and professional staff.

We have a combination off in house people and freelance staff needed to be able to ensure that you have the right help.

This is the Puk Team year 2005:

Peter Iversen, Studio Owner:

Peter came into the studio business in 1979 and started working at Puk in 1984. He came on during the building of the complex to carry out the installation work, and stayed on as a chief audio and maintenance engineer. He still carry out engineering tasks and also works as a Producer, Programmer, Pro Tools Operator and Musician.

When not in the studios Peter helps out with the daily running of the facility as well as studio managing.

Steen Nielsen, Building Manager:

Steen are looking after the buildings and the garden.

He is in charge of all the maintenaince on the buildings and are also looking after the garden.

He is a skilled carpenter but have many other talents.

Jacob Meinert, General Service and engineer:

Jacob is our all-round man. He works with whatever job needed and have been with Puk for a year now.

Before Puk Jacob was playing in Danish band "Shirtsville" and therefore have worked in studios foor many years. Lately Jacob have been looking after the daily running of the facility including setting up sessions, engineering,daily maintenaince etc.

Inge Stig Madsen, Chef de Cuisine & General Service:

Inge are our main Chef and are handling the daily brunch and dinner. Inge is also taking care of the general service filling the fridges, and generally looking after our clients. If you have any special requirements Inge is the one to speak to .....

Stine Klokker Pedersen, Chef de Cuisine:

Stine, the fiancee of Peter are helping out in the Kitchen and helps with numerous other tasks.

She works full time on the family farm looking after the stables but still finds time to work at Puk.

Frits Bo Christensen & Søren Poulsen:

No studio without maintenance engineers.

We have our two regular guys which are able to handle most tasks on side.

Marion Færgemann, Cleaning:

Marion are the one that keep the place tidy. We call her "The White Tornado"

HC Röder Nielsen:

Top keyboard player have his own programming suite at Puk.

Our regular freelance engineers:

Lars Nissen

Michael Holmberg

Jørn Sørensen

Freelance Chef:

John "Chili" Rasmussen