PowerMac G4 / 500 with 2x21" Monitors, 750 Meg RAM, Atto Dual SCSI Accellerator card.

BIT-3 7 slot expansion chassis with a expanded Mix Plus System. A total of 72 I/O and 30 DSP´s (3xMix Farms and 3xDSP Farms)

1x Apogee AD 8000 and up to 8x Digidesign 888/24 interfaces.

Universal Slave Driver for Sync and Motu MTP II for Midi.

Pro Tools 5.1.1 with lots of Plug Ins, Emagic Logic Audio Platinium.

Lacie 10.000 rpm 18 Giga Drives.

We have 20/40 Giga Quantum DLT 4000, 20/40 Giga SONY DDS 4, 5.2 Giga SONY MO Drives, 5.2 Giga DVD-RAM, ZIP, JAZZ, 120MB Floppy and CD-R for back-up and restore.