Press Release:

Puk Recording Studios have opened a new State-Off-The-Art Mastering Suite at the Kærby location.

"This is not the first Mastering Suite we have build." says owner and engineer Peter Iversen.

"We had a suite running from 1994 but we sold it of in connection with the MBO in 1999" he continues.

"We have had several of our clients that have reqested that we re-establish a suite here in Judland, so its a client demand that have driven us to build a perfect suite"

"We felt that we would keep it on side to make it easier for our other clients to acces the room". "We previously had great experiences with Sonic Studio, so we went for this system"

"Danish DPA where doing the accoustics and we have used their KKDK Modules to get the perfect linear frequency response"

"We also included a full Pro Tools system in there. We find some of our clients now have to work with limited budgets and therefore are mixing in Pro Tools. It was a big request that Pro Tools files could be brougt in". "This way mastering also becomes a part of the mixing process because you are able to acces individual tracks and fx"

"The room features the best in Analog and Digital processing. We have analog equipment from Gyraf and Fairmann and Digital equipment includes a TC Electronics System 6000, Sintefex 2000, Weiss 7 band EQ, Weiss DS 1 and Wawes L2"